What about stopping first? 

Olá, Hello,Hallo, Hi

My name is Elisabeth, or Liz as many people call me.

I am a
* Certified mindfulness trainer
* Mindful coach
* Birth doula
* Certified grief educator
* Retreat facilitator and hostess
* Workshop & Circle facilitator
* Space holder
* Daughter, Sister, Partner, Mother & Woman
* Life long learner

My approach

Authenticity, curiousity, non-judgement and compassion are integal attitudes in all my offers.

My Services:

Mindful Coaching

Gaining connection, creativity, calmness, focus and balance through tools, practices and insights.

You will learn slowing down, pausing, connecting, meditating and finding silence, benefiting you, your personal health and well being.

. Book me for a 1-to-1 Coaching session!


8 week Mindfulness for Life training

Looking for ways to feel less stressed, tired, burned out, anxious or overwhelmed by life´s challenges & difficulties? Wishing for a calmer mind, for more feelings of joy and peace?

Join me for an 8 week Mindfulness for Life training!

Next edition starting October 21 at Moinho Calmo in Vila Do Bispo. Click here for dates & info.



Are you pregnant and looking for a safe and nourishing space to connect with yourself, your baby, pregnancy and birth journey.

As a doula I am available to offer pregnant women and families emotional, physical, informational and mindful support during the phases of pregnancy, birth and after birth


Grief & Loss

You are grieving a beloved one or something significant to you in life and would like to understand more and connect with your feelings of grief and loss.

As a certified grief educator I offer companionship, information and tools to support you in navigating the often unknown fields of grief and loss. Reach out to find out more.


Taking a Breath

Mindful holiday for Women

Do you long for a break, some time by yourself and are looking for more than just relaxation? I offer an unique 1-to1 holiday with a personal mindful coaching program on the beautiful South West coast of the Algarve. Giving max. flexibility in dates and accommodation,

TAKING A BREATH is for anyone who looks for connection, calmness and silence within. Find out more!



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